6 Reasons Why Weight Loss Diets Don’t Work

The weight fluctuation created by yo-yo dieting is actually more harmful to your health than just staying overweight. With each cycle of dieting the net result is an increase of body fat relative to muscle mass. This is why most weight loss diets causes weight gain in the long run.Also, despite the billions of dollars spent on weight loss programs and healthy eating campaigns, obesity rates are on the rise.It has been proven time and again that weight loss diets don’t work. Here are 6 reasons why.1-Diets are a temporary fix. Most people think of diets as a temporary solution to their problem. Once the weight has been lost, they go back to their old habits. The end result is regaining the weight back and even more. Diets do not educate people on implementing long-lasting healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes.2- Diets are usually restrictive. Most people can stick to a certain restrictive weight loss program for a while, but eventually they get bored and give in to their cravings. Most people on a diet feel unhappy, deprived and stressed.3- Diets do not take into account bio-individuality. The idea that everybody is metabolically and biochemically different, have different food and lifestyle preferences is not taken into consideration. In order to lose the weight and maintain it, people have to be on a diet and lifestyle program that addresses their bodily requirements as well as their likes and dislikes.4-Diets can slow down your metabolism. Calorie restricted diets that leave you starving can slow down your metabolism. The less you eat, the more you drive your body into starvation mode where it holds on to fat stores. This is especially true with yoyo dieters, who are in a constant struggle to lose weight.5- Diets are usually expensive. Most diets require participants to buy specialty foods or prepared meals. This can be convenient and can work for some time but it is definitely non-sustainable and impractical. Besides the fact that ready-made meals are not usually contain the best ingredients for your health. Most of the time, they contain additives and preservatives or have a high salt content.6-Most weight loss diets fail to address underlying emotional issues that are holding people back from creating lasting positive changes. These can include food cravings and addictions, fear of failure, fear of success, self-sabotage, to name a few. These issues are important to work one to ensure effective and long lasting results.It is time for you to take back power over your health and get rid of those feelings of guilt, deprivation and disappointment that come with dieting. Adopting a new healthy attitude towards food and knowing when and what to eat is the best insurance for you to look good and feel great forever. To achieve your weight loss goals, you must have the right strategies to address different possible root causes of your overweight.A successful weight loss program emphasizes the cornerstones of good health: a health-promoting weight loss diet, a healthy lifestyle and a positive mental attitude. All of these components are interrelated, and no single component is more important than the other.Your biggest concern must be how to supply your body with nutrient dense foods rather than calorie dense foods. This means to eat fewer calories not less food.Lastly, remember that what you eat is your choice and this can heal you or harm you. In other words your food can be your medicine or your poison, so do your best to make the right choices.

Common False Myths About Weight Loss Diet Plans That You Should Avoid

Because of the huge market for efficient weight loss programs in our developed societies, there has been an avalanche of different weight loss programs that have been introduced into this huge market.However, if you take a closer look at some of these programs you will realise that “all that glitters is not gold”. Some of these products are actually dangerous to your health while others are not really as beneficial as they claim to be.So, in this article we shall be taking a closer look at some false myths that surround some of the diet and weight loss programs that have hit the market recently:-The raw vegan diet planThe proponents of this raw vegan diet plan brainwash people into believing that this type of diet is good for their health whereas, this diet actually leads to serious vitamin and nutritional deficiencies if it is not properly supplemented.Children that have tried this type of strictly raw vegan diet for long periods developed growth problems like the development of abnormally low heights and body weights in children, reduced bone density and development of skinny limbs.Some children fed on this diet also develop swollen bellies and pinched cheeks while some other children developed rickets.If you want to be on this type of raw diet you should seek professional advice and you must supplement this diet with the right amounts of nutritional and vitamin supplements.-Meal replacement diet planA good example of this type of diet is the lighter meal replacement plan which advocates that you should restrict your calorie intake to 500 calories by replacing your major meals with lighter products like shakes and soups. The dieter is instructed to drink only water in addition to these products.However, if you do not follow the instructions in this diet plan diligently, it can lead to catastrophic consequences; some people that drank too much water after making use of the products in this diet plan actually died.If you want to make use of this diet plan, you must follow the instructions to the letter.-Acai berry fruitOne of the most overhyped weight loss foods is acai berry; most of the advertising campaigns about this false super food are full of fake testimonials and a lot of pseudo-science claims.Some of the funny adverts about this fruit claim that it has cleansing and detoxifying properties. They also claim that once you are using this acai berry, you do not need to adjust your diet and lifestyle.The truth of the matter is that even though acai berry contains some vitamins and minerals, you can also get most of the nutrients and vitamins that it contains form less expensive fruits like oranges and lemons.Also if you consume only acai berry to lose weight, all the pounds of weight that you lose will be gained back once you revert to your normal diet; it causes serious rebound weight gain after you stop eating it.-Hoodia diet pillsThe hoodia diet pill is a diet pill that is commonly advertised as an appetite suppressant which is able to trigger significant weight loss. Some advertisers of this pill also lay claim to the endorsement of this pill by various celebrities.However the truth about this pill is that most of the scientific trials on this pill have not given any conclusive and consistent positive results thus refuting the claims that this pill is a wonder weight loss pill.Also, you must realise that this Hoodia pill is yet to be fully approved by the food and drug administration known as the FDA. So, please do not get carried away by all the advertising hype around this pill.-Excessive use of vitaminsThe health benefits of vitamins have been exaggerated to false high levels in recent times and this has made a lot of people erroneously believe that using high doses of vitamins will make them stronger and boost their immune system.However the truth is that if you use excessively high doses of vitamins you can develop the following complications:a-If you consume more than 1.5mg of vitamin A in a day your bones will become brittle and more prone to fractures.b-If you consume more than 1000mg of vitamin C supplements in a day you can develop diarrhoea and flatulence.c-Excessive consumption of vitamin A rich beta-carotene foods like green leafy vegetables, yellow fruits like mangoes, apricots and lemons can actually increase your chances of developing lung cancer especially if you are a smoker.d-Consumption of more than 540 mg of vitamin E could be detrimental to your health.e-Excessive use of more than 0.3mg of selenium in a day leads to complications like hair loss, nail loss and skin loss.-Weight loss teas and slimming capsulesMany weight loss teas and slim capsules contain a substance called sibutramine that can cause serious harmful diseases like heart attacks and strokes. If you are interested in using weight loss teas and weight loss pills you must check their ingredients to make sure that they do not contain sibutramine.-Accu fat burning beadsThese beads have been banned in the United States and in Great Britain.-Other common false diet mythsOther common overhyped and inefficient weight loss diet plans include the lemonade diet plan.So, are there any effective weight loss and diet programs out there?